Nature and Wildlife Jeep Photo Tours

The Jeep photo tours

These nature photo tours held in the Squamish/Whistler area of British Columbia and are reserved for small groups of 3 people.
They are a real nature photographer experience onboard of a Jeep expedition vehicle.
These tours are specially thought for people that come from outside BC or Canada but still want to experience the country as it is supposed to be experienced: in the wild.

I will bring you on -but especially off- the road, to show you the hidden gems that this part of British Columbia has to offer.
You will be able to take photographs of places other people can’t easily reach with a knowledgeable guide (that would be me!) and experience some of those real wild feelings we experience as nature and wildlife photographers in our daily search for beautiful and yet unseen sceneries and wild animals.


What you need

The number one requirement is the spirit of adventure.
Remember we’ll be exploring, we won’t be on a paved road most of the time.
These tours are for people that want to experience a real adventure: if you want to see the real beauty of this country, you need to work a bit for it, too.

I have an extensive off-road experience and my vehicle has everything we need to face the adventure, you only need your own photo gear, a small tent (for the 2+ days tours), some food and your clothing.

A maximum of one backpack is allowed per participant plus a camping tent.
We want to keep the experience real and leave all the superfluous stuff at your hotel.

Who these tours are for

These tours are for photographers that have at least a solid basic knowledge of their gear and want to take pictures of beautiful more hidden locations.
The tours are group-oriented. If you need one to one guidance you can join one of my workshops or one-to-one classes.
My goal is to bring you around to take pictures as photographers, not just as tourists.

What I love about these tours is the huge smile people have when they leave and say goodbye!
This makes me feel I have shared a real piece of mother nature with them, something they will keep forever.

 The 2017 tours will be published soon, please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know when the dates are out!