Wild-Action: adventure photography

Adventure photography: become the absolute hero for one day!

This is my adventure photography offer: you will be the hero while I capture memorable and stunning shots that everyday camera gear cannot capture!
I will reach you in your favorite place, ready to capture the action, the fun, the mistakes as well as your unique skills.
Share them with your friends or display them on your professional website and show the world what you are capable of!

If you are, or you are looking to become, a professional athlete, or simply you want a memory of your extreme adventures, Wild-Action is what you need!
Climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing, skating, racing, piloting and everything else that gives you adrenaline and makes you feel alive, can be properly captured for your future memory!

No matter what you do and how crazy it is, you are hiring me to show the best of what YOU do!

Also, think of this adventure photography package as a gift.
Wives, husbands, boyfriends, and girlfriends often call me to present their partners this gift: to remember some of the best days of your life with images and videos that capture them at their full potential!
I can also provide incredibly beautiful metal prints of various sizes of selected images: the action will literally seem to come off the screen and get into the place where you are hanging them!

People that hire me for these services always leave our final meeting with a huge smile on their face! That smile is what makes my day and tells me I did a good job.

The emotions we experience when being out of our comfort zone while practicing something we truly love are wild enough for me to deserve to be captured properly.

Unlike many other things in life that come and go, time does not come back! How precious is remembering this particular time of your life for you?
Call me today to book your special event.

You will leave our final meeting with a big smile on your face, I promise you 🙂

Available packages:


Photographs and fast action sequence
(this includes a minimum of 25 high-quality edited single pictures plus action sequences)

Time required on location: total of 2 hours
Cost: $250 – 20% discount for groups of 5 or more people (extra time might be required based on the number of people).


4K video sequences
(plus all the above)

Time required on location: total of 3 hours
Cost: Basic + $100

Video +

4K aerial sequences (depending on safety conditions)
Onboard and water shots/video
(plus all the above)

Time required on location: total of 4 hours
Cost: Video + $100


Full High Definition BluRay package with the edit of the best moments of the day, the best photographs, the videos and the backstage, all together in a seamless experience ready to be played at home on your TV with your friends!

Time required on location: full day (sunrise to sunset)
Cost: $999

notice: group discount not available for the complete package. All the costs are in Canadian dollars (CAD)

Metallic Prints

Gorgeous Metal Prints in various sizes are also available on request