Wildlife and Nature Fine Art Prints

Why fine art prints

Add a personal touch to your space and enrich it with a beautiful Fine Art Print of beautiful British Columbia or the rest of the world.
Or, if you prefer, display the power of Nature through a memorable capture of a powerful wild animal.
Adding a custom made and unique piece of art to your house means to distinguish yourself from the crowd that only hangs serial prints onto their walls.

The printing process

All the photographs that are shown on this website are available as high-quality fine art prints.
Please notice that the images are processed through a strict and dedicated workflow to ensure the best possible quality is reached and the features of the original picture are preserved once printed.

I print my fine art images myself til the A3+ format, leaving for the lab the bigger sizes.
I carefully choose the best labs for my prints in order to offer a product that is durable in time and that preserves the true colours and sharpness of the original photograph.

The frames

The hand-made frames are by some of the best framing shops in the Vancouver area and there is a big catalog of styles from which you can choose.
I only choose the best materials: I work on your prints as if they were to be hanged in my home.
This means they have to be absolutely up to the expectations.

Printing style and paper

There are so many beautiful papers onto which to print a special capture.
I will guide you through some samples of the best available fine art papers so you can choose the finish you like.
If you prefer a more modern look, metal finishing is also available.

The pre-visualization

In order to offer the best experience, in the case of bigger prints, I will ask you to send me a picture of the room in which you want to place your print and to measure the total available space of the wall you want to hang the picture onto.
Even better would be to have a viewing of the room and let me take the reference picture myself.
If needed, the original image can be also slightly adjusted, composition wise, to perfectly fit any custom size you might need.

With this data, I will then make a digital preview of the print on the wall that will be close in look to the real one.
Once you have approved the preview, I will proceed with the printing and the framing of the final product.

The delivery

You will receive your print at your doorstep, ready to be hanged on the wall and shine in your room.


I am currently working on adding an online print store to this website. This will take some time.
In the meanwhile, please feel free to contact me if you are interested in printing some of the images you see here.