Go-Explore: on photography assignments for your project

Photography assignments anywhere: I am ready to go

Your project might need images from remote or hard to reach areas of the globe.
Maybe you need to showcase the quality of your products in the outdoor and capture its value through images.
Or you could need somebody to document an expedition for conservancy reasons.

No matter what the photography assignments are, you need results.
And you also need a photographer that can deliver those high-quality results, on time, on a budget, and without hassles.

If this description matches what you are looking for, then I believe can help you.
No matter how remote, challenging or lonely the location, I am always happy to leave on a new adventure and get you the content you need.

I am 100% self-sufficient in the British Columbia region and anywhere else I can drive from there: a properly rigged expedition 4×4 van gives me the opportunity of saving on the budget and spend the necessary time on location to get the best possible results.
Vehicles mechanical knowledge, broad 4×4 driving experience, and outdoor survival experience give me an edge in those difficult situations where problem-solving skills are a necessity.

If you are in need of somebody you can rely on, I am happy to discuss the next assignment with you.

My always moving office

  • Self-sufficient camperized 4×4 Mitsubishi Delica van
  • Inflatable boat for water crossing
  • Professional Photography and Videography gear, including 4K aerial footage