WildBreath | Moments of Living Shapes

Thanks for visiting my website!
I am Giuseppe Improta, the founder of WildBreath | Moments of Living Shapes, and I am happy to welcome you here.

WildBreath represents the freedom of exploring and respecting places where Nature is still untouched, where one has still the privilege of observing truly wild animals and where the love for learning overcomes the wish of imposing our own ideas.

It is the excitement of the expedition and the journey of discovering new and wild places that most people wouldn’t even try to approach, searching for the hidden beauties of Nature and the wonderful shapes and the magnificent colors of the landscape surrounding us.

It’s about the passion for exploring and living new cultures and traditions, for meeting and talking to new people with no judgement, for understanding their vision, and what makes them different from us.

WildBreath is about breathing all those wild emotions which populate our soul when living all these unique experiences.

Being a Wildlife, Nature and Adventure/Travel Photographer and videographer, this is the world I love to share with you.

My mission is capturing moments of living shapes: special and unique moments that I wish will touch and wonder you through my work as much as they did impress me while I was living them.

If all that suits you, please join me in my adventures and follow me on social media!